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Anti Virus Reed Diffuser, A Blend of Tea Tree, Lemon & Orange Essential Oil (175 ml), Total 8 Reed Sticks
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Product Description

Helps to relieve stress and strengthen respiratory system
Uses and Benefits
  • A. Contains Lemon and Orange essential oils which are known for their antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-fungal properties
  • B. Assorted natural fragrances to lift your mood
  • C. It also contains tea tree oil which is highly effective against viruses and fungi
  • D. It appears to increase the activity of our white blood cells, which help fight germs and other foreign invaders
  • E. Helps to boost your immune system.
How to Use 
  • A. Remove and discard cap.
  • B. Dip reeds into oil, turn them over and place in the bottle.
  • C. The reeds will absorb the oil and diffuse in air.
  • D. Turn the reeds to refresh the fragrance as & when required.
Suggested Placement
  • (i) Living Rooms
  • (ii) Hallway Tables
  • (iii) Bedrooms
  • (iv) Guestrooms
  • (v) Study Rooms/Home Office
  • (vi) Kitchen
  • (vii) Powder Washroom
  • (viii) Office Spaces
  • (ix) Reception Areas
  • (x) Showrooms
The Proven Benefits
  • A. Powerful anti-viral and antiseptic properties of essential oils make it ideal
  • B. Expertly blended to provide the very best therapeutic results
  • C. Good for environment
  • D. Helps to relieve stress and may benefit the respiratory system
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Features: 175ml essential oil blend  in Glass Bottle and 8 Reeds 

Fragrance: Lemon, Orange and Tea Tree Essential Oil Blend

Product Code: TFP 1AV Anti- Virus

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