Luxury Scented Candle French Vanilla

A blend of french vanilla, sweet and traditional.

Uses and Benefits

    • A. A deliciously sweet scent.
    • B. Uplift mood and calm the mind
    • C. Reduce anger and stress
    • D. Reduce tension and irritability.
    • E. Stimulate states of harmony.
    • F. Creates a warm and soothing environment.

Suggested Placement 

    • (i) Living Rooms
    • (ii) Hallway Tables
    • (iii) Bedrooms
    • (iv) Guestrooms
    • (v) Study Rooms/Home Office
    • (vi) Kitchen
    • (vii) Powder Washroom
    • (viii) Office Spaces
    • (ix) Reception Areas
    • (x) Showrooms
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Product Code: TFP 11NC French Vanilla

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