Lemongrass Large Pillar Candle

Create a magical feel instantly in your home by lighting Lemongrass Pillar Candle by The Fragrance People. This compelling lemongrass pillar candle is known to battle depression, nervousness, anxiety and stress. This Fragrance is also known as a natural remedy for insomnia because of its soothing capacities. Light it up in your room and feel your stresses and worries melt away. 

Aromatherapy benefits: Calming, Anti-depressant, Anti-fatigue, Mild Insect Repellent.


  1. Remove all covers. Always make sure the wick should be straight and 1/4thof an inch.
  2. Burn the candle according to its "diameter". Example: 3-inch diameter candle for 3 hours, 4-inch diameter candle for 4 hours.
  3. As the wax pool goes down trim the wax wall.
  4. It is preferred to use a pillar candle stand while burning a pillar candle. 

Features: 3*6 Inch Pillar Candle

Duration: 90 Hours Approximately

Product Code: TFP 1C LG

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