Pillar Candles & Fragrances

by DJ Living Pvt Ltd. . on Apr 07, 2016


We all know it. Nothing else in the world can give you such immense pleasure and sensuality as aromatic candle does. Candles have natural scents that can evoke our mood and emotions, rousing our early good memories. Candles trends are ever changing, but one that had always remained higher on demand is the scented pillar candles. Be it a home or business premises, these Pillar Candles are great to match almost any decor in the world.

 Then whether you are indulging in a relaxing bubble bath, in an unforgettable setting or unwinding after a sweltering day at home, fragrant pillar candles are best to provide a significant mental boost and exceptional olfactory pleasure. These candles are created using a blend of best natural raw ingredients and you will find one candle in many scents. At “The Fragrance people” you can get about 20 home fragrance products in just one fragrance.

Check Out the different fragrances by "The Fragrance People"

1. Fresh Cut Rosesone of the most indulging, beautiful and praised fragrance, have been valued for centuries in many cultures worldwide.

2. Lavender Fieldsperhaps the most soothing scent a person can ever experience. It is floral, but not too floral.

3. Midnight Jasmine - the fragrance has probably been described in the literature with more superlatives than any other single essence. Although the fragrance is delicate and quite feminine, Jasmine is often described as the King of essences and the King of Essential oils..

4. Lemongrass - a mood elevating fragrance with health benefits. 

5. Sandalwood  - is believed to transform one's desires and maintain a person's alertness while in meditation. It is also one of the more popular scents used when offering incense to oneself. 

6. Sea Breeze - is a indulging fragrance which gives you an impression of seaside fresh air and your home an instant refreshing lift.


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