"Dengue Protection: Citronella Oil's Simple Solution"

by Lipakshi Arora on Sep 13, 2023

"Dengue Protection: Citronella Oil's Simple Solution"

In the face of the increasing threat of Dengue fever, safeguarding your family's health is paramount. We recommend Citronella oil by The Fragrance People. This multi-purpose elixir not only acts as an anti-mosquito and bug repellent but also reduces stress and offers anti-fungal benefits. Say goodbye to Dengue worries and embrace a safer, more stress-free environment for you and your loved ones.

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Floor Mopping with Citronella Oil:

  1. Prepare a Bucket: Take a clean bucket and fill it with approximately 15ml of Citronella oil.

  2. Add Water: Fill the bucket with clean water.

  3. Mix Well: Stir the mixture thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of Citronella oil.

  4. Mop as Usual: Use this Citronella-infused water to mop your floors as you normally would. Do this in the morning and evening for maximum protection.

We also recommend the citronella candle by The Fragrance People

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