Dining in Style: Elevating Everyday Meals with Scented Table Settings

by Lipakshi Arora on Sep 05, 2023

Dining in Style: Elevating Everyday Meals with Scented Table Settings

Are you tired of eating without really enjoying your meals? Here's a simple way to make your everyday dining feel special: scented table settings. It's like adding a touch of magic to your meals. In this blog, we'll show you how to do it in an easy and fun way.

Choosing the Right Scents:
Pick scents that fit your mood and the occasion. For example:
- If it's a romantic dinner, choose floral scents like roses or lavender.
- For a fresh and vibrant meal, go for citrusy scents like lemon or orange.
- In the wintertime, warm scents like cinnamon or vanilla can make you feel cozy.

We recommend the Ocean, Jasmine, French Vanilla candles by The Fragrance People. 

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Scented Table Elements:

1. Candles- Scented candles are perfect. They give off a lovely smell and create a cozy atmosphere.

2. Fresh Flowers: Flowers not only look beautiful but also smell great. Pick ones that match your chosen scent.

3. Herbs: Small pots of herbs like mint or basil add a nice touch. Plus, they release their scents when you touch them.

4. Scented Linens: Spritz your napkins or table runner with a scented spray or use scented sachets. They'll add a pleasant aroma.

With scented table settings, you can turn any meal into a special moment. It's easy and fun. Just choose your scents, add some scented elements, and create a nice atmosphere. Enjoy your meals in style and make every bite memorable!

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