Home Décor Ideas - Festive Edition

by DJ Living Pvt Ltd. . on Sep 17, 2018

The festive season is here, which calls for indulging in happiness and creating joyful and exciting ambiances in your house. This is that time of the year; get into decorating your personal space with beautifully displayed aromatic luxury candles and exquisite home decor to make a great space. Spread the festive vibe this year through traditional yet modern décor and immerse yourself in the joy and prosperity of the time with your friends and family.

The Fragrance People have got the wide range of Home décor and gifting options for you to choose because that's what makes a house your home. These DIWALI seasons put attention to details and add exotic aromas to your home decor by giving a mini makeover to your home through our wide range of fragrances and enjoy the blissful festive days with our products and their magical aromas. After all, no home decor is complete without the fragrance.

We got you a list of home decor ideas with The Fragrance People over this festive season that you can add to your Diwali décor and bring a festive feeling to it. Regardless of, whether you favor traditional decor or modern luxury decor. We ensure you'll definitely discover something worthy on this list.

Here are some easy decoration ideas for a wonderful house makeover and also to get your home smell great at the same time.

1. Playing with multiple elements:-

The most ideal approach to bring out an excellent look to your room is by stacking and layering multiple elements together. The amazing approach to make your home feel festive is decorating with scented candles. Best way to do that is by selecting an aroma that reminds you and your guest about the best times of the season. Start off with building up a base for your vignettes utilizing books or trays and then stack Travel Tin candles or Hand Beaten Metal Candle from 'The Fragrance People' on top of it and behind it to give an effect of various dimensions. This trick will not only give a modern touch to your room but also make you feel the aroma around you. You can pick your choice of candles from our wide range of fragrances which comes in Lemongrass, Tropical and Jasmine Noi and many more other fragrances and believe us when we say there is no better way to style your coffee table than with our candle. 

Travel Tin candles  - The Fragrance People Hand Beaten Metal Candle - The Fragrance People

2. Make the most out of your Reed Diffuser:-

Add that great festive feel to your living space- ideal for festive decoration before the festive madness starts! Reed Diffusers are a superb method to add aromatic vibes in your living space and workspace. Different fragrances host different qualities. Indulge yourself in reviving, a dynamic and lively scent of diffusers and chose from our wide range of Reed Diffusers that comes in Rose, Jasmine, Lemongrass, and Ocean fragrance which will add a flawless Aroma to tempt your senses and adds a zestful scent to any ambiance.

Rose Reed Diffuser - The Fragrance People


3. Break Free From Boring/Regular Diyas:-

The festival of light is insufficient without legitimate lightening. Diyas are the initial choice to illuminate your space. This festive season, instead of going for regular diyas you can use Tea Light Holder to give your living spaces a bit of custom. Place tea light candle holder around your window sills so that your home will look brighter even from the distance and some at your doorstep for a festive welcome to your guest. Also, you can place these tea light candle holder to decorate the rangolis as it will make a huge difference in the home décor.


4. Fairies in the Jar:-

One frequently relates ambiance to the lighting given in a specific space, and creating an ambiance can be made simple by picking the correct sort of lighting. A basic Mercury jar includes a touch of brightness. Layered it in the background of your living space or you can lighten it up in your windows and passageway with Mercury Jar.

Mercury jar - The Fragrance People

So, which one of these is your favorite that you would love to adopt for your home? We’d love to know! Also, we hope you find this post helpful for creating a festive vibe in your home décor.

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Wishing you all the joys and blessings of the Festive Season!


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