5 Products That Are Guaranteed To Make WFH Life Easier

by akanksha nayal on Sep 17, 2021

Let’s get straight to the point: WFH life isn’t easy. We now have an addition of co-workers like our parents, partners, kids and pets while working. And although working from home has been introduced over a year ago, converting our comfort zones into efficient workspaces can still be a task. Just when we thought that we might be seeing and experiencing normal times, lockdown 2.0 made sure we’re back to the WFH routine.

However, working from home is likely to be a part of our lives for a while. So, it’s best to be prepared, whether it's learning how to focus better, avoid slacking off or taking care to avoid a mental burnout. These are some of the common symptoms which make us dread working from home. But hey, with our list of working from home essentials, get ready to be productive.

Pro Tip: Your work from home desk should have some helpful desk organisers to keep track of things and also be tidy, decorative items to keep those creative juices flowing and aromatherapy products to keep you relaxed and focused at all times.


#1 An essential oil diffuser 

Balancing chores, distractions and zoom meetings can really blur home and work life for a few. It has now become a challenging new norm. Well, essential oils can be helpful in addressing these issues while helping us stay positive and productive. An essential oil diffuser will turn your WFH hub into a mini spa. Opt to enjoy the soothing scent while you answer emails or work on projects.


#2 A desk organiser 

If you have just set up a work table at home or are looking to establish a workspace, then it's time to invest in a desk organiser. They are available in various shapes and sizes, to accommodate and arrange documents, craft supplies, pens, pencils and all accessories. These organisers elevate your WFH setup and promote a more unhindered workflow while keeping all clutter away! 


#3 A scented candle

Scent has a subconscious affect; it has the power to help us focus or destress, relax or even feel energetic. As most of us are forced to work remotely, scented candles will support your workflow and tune your mood effectively! Here’s some fragrance notes you should invest in, to feel more relaxed and focused at work - Lavender and Lemon.

#4 Noise cancelling headphones

A reliable pair of headphones is an essential part of your work from home office especially when your co-workers (at home) are children or a anyone who’s also held up in a zoom call. The right headphones can help keep you away from disorderly sounds and noises and help you focus on the task at hand. 

 #5 Aromatherapy Roll-On 

Self-care is as important as your daily tasks, especially when you’re working from home and staying indoors. Keep a pre-diluted roll-on on your desk, to apply to your pulse points as needed, when you feel stressed out. What’s even better than plain essential oils are Aromatherapy Roll Ons which are pre-diluted and ready-to-use. It comes at the correct dilution with appropriate carrier oils, so then all that is left to do is glide the rollerball along your skin.



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