7 Diffusers That Will Uplift Your Environment And Clear Your Mind!

by akanksha nayal on Sep 19, 2021

It's a nice feeling to return to a clean-smelling house and there are multiple ways to achieve this. If you’re not into candles and air-freshener sprays then the reed diffuser is absolutely made for you. A reed diffuser is that one piece which is guaranteed to add a luxurious touch to your space, while making it smell aromatic. Along with aroma, aesthetics are also important. A diffuser isn’t a piece that's supposed to hide in a corner, instead it’s a stylish bottle that can act as a centrepiece on any surface.


This is the easiest way to instantly transform a room, visually and olfactorily. Since it doesn’t require any heat or flame, it’s the safest option, too. All you have to do is set up your diffuser with the reeds placed in the oil and just wait for the fragrance to travel up the reeds and disperse into the air. Scent is one of the many benefits we reap from a diffuser. Many of the ingredients used in essential oil reed diffusers carry a host of other benefits, as well. Now, this is what you call a win-win, in terms of aroma and relaxation. 

We have carefully curated a list of 7 stunning fragrances from The Fragrance People that will revive your space, below.



The Anti-Virus Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser contains lemon and orange essential oils which are known for their antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-fungal properties. It also contains tea tree oil which is highly effective against viruses. This room fragrance is for those who love zesty and fresh aromas. This scent has reviving notes which creates a beautiful and relaxing environment for you to enjoy. 



The Jasmine Reed Diffuser is a sensual scent of rich and blooming jasmine. It contains a blend of warm carnation notes that are bound to carry your senses away. Uplift your mood with this refreshing scent which will lend your living space a delightful fragrance. 



The Neroli Reed Diffuser is an amalgamation of neroli essential oil, jasmine and honey blossom, to create an uninterrupted ambience. It has a light sweet-floral fragrance with a touch of citrus. The inhalation of neroli essential oil can help reduce stress and anxiety. So this product is a win-win. This scent is very refreshing but also has calming and soothing notes.



The Green Bamboo Teak Reed Diffuser has opening notes of the fresh green citrus fragrance, with a woody cedar and teakwood settled in the heart. Finally, followed by white musk in the base. It is a combination of woody aromas which creates a strong and luxurious fragrance with hints of wood and sweet fruit. If you want your home to smell fresh and clean then, this is your poison. 



The Hyacinth Reed Diffuser is the model scent of spring. It has botanical notes of fresh blooming hyacinth flowers along with top notes that follow rose, middle notes that are violet and base notes of long-lasting white oud. This fragrance is calm enough to be used in a home office but also, floral enough to liven up a living room.



The Oakwood Reed Diffuser is ideal for filling your living spaces with a natural floral aroma. It contains top notes of fresh redcurrant with slight green notes at heart and a woody amber character in the base. This wonderful fragrance will remind you of faraway lands, salty air, and high sea adventures. This fragrance is bound to instantly make your space feel more elevated. How could you say no to this?



Lastly, the grand old Lavender Reed Diffuser has a soothing scent of floral lavender. It has a wild floral and Mediterranean scent that is instantly reviving. It creates a calm atmosphere that encourages rest and relaxation. This lavender fragrance brings a dash of energy yet a pleasing aroma, making it perfect for every corner in your house.  



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