Stay warm and cozy this winter with a Candle by your side.

by DJ Living Pvt Ltd. . on Dec 18, 2018









Winter season brings a different beauty to any landscape, but there comes a time, when the nights get too dark, too long, and too cold.

The days are short, the skies are gray. The joy and enthusiasm that once filled the air comes to stillness, quietly escaping alongside the holiday season. Wanderlust hits. We just want to go somewhere, where it’s warm and cozy.

This is simply the season to enjoy and indulge in you. Throughout the winter months, finding soothing approaches to warm up is something more important than anything else. We curl up by the fire; cuddle up in warm blankets however nothing beats the warm glow that candle radiate when lit, or the delightful fragrance they leave waiting noticeable all around. Candlelight makes a comfortable, inviting environment, regardless of how chilly and dim it is outside. Their delicate light makes us feel good inside while making even the coldest winter evening cozy and calm.

There’s nothing like the cozy feeling of the chillier months,  Now that the winter have us craving of cinnamon holiday snacks, it’s the perfect time to transform the scent of your home to match your mood. . We recommend you look for notes such as patchouli, leather, amber, pine, smoke and anything woody, rather than the citrus and floral. 

Warm cozy house and a nice cup of tea just make everything better. Teacups with some cookies bathed in Candlelight and a steaming pot of exquisite Tea all these things are what we think bring the holidays to life! This winter season brings so much joy and light that we should embrace the little things that make our house feel just a bit more wonderful.

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