Find your Festive Fragrance

by DJ Living Pvt Ltd. . on Oct 23, 2018

Take our Quiz to discover your Perfect Festive Fragrance for your Personality

Experiencing difficulty picking a most loved festive fragrance for yourself or for another person as a gift? Nothing is more personal than aroma. All in all, how would you pick an aroma that's right for you? Take our quiz underneath to find your ideal fragrance!

From fresh to flower, find the perfect festive fragrance in a couple of simple steps

1.Which of the following best describes you?

a.Trend Setter
b.Life of the Party
c.Outdoor Enthusiast

2. The best way to describe your style is:

a.Mixing top notch basics with the most recent pattern.
b. Eye-catching and memorable.
c.Timeless, chic and classic.
d. A closet of things you have found in bizarre spots, but absolutely adore.

3.If you somehow happened to describe your own home decor style for this festive season in single word, which of the following would you choose?

a. Modern
b. Electric
c. Traditional
d. Minimalist

4.Which scent notes/types would you say you are pulled in to?

a. Fresh
b. Spicy
c. Fruity
d. Woody

5.When you’re getting ready for the festive season, what is your favorite activity or tradition?

a. Festive shopping
b. Festive parties
c. Cooking/enjoying festive sweets
d. Decorating house with lights

    If you mostly chose

    A’s: Clay Candle

    Your festive fragrance is Floral Honeysuckle and Muguet and more specifically, our Clay Bowl Candle Collection Products! You cherish the outside and have a sharp sense of style. The Opening Notes of Fresh Coriander and Cassis Leaves are Harmonized with the Herbal Simplicity of Green Tea and Lily of the Valley. Closing Notes of Amber and Violet gives a Luxurious and Earthy feel to The Fragrance and modern design elements perfectly capture picking out the perfect festive decoration in your stylish home. 

    B’s: Gold Finish Metal Candle

    Your festive fragrance is a classy and sophisticated blend of sweet fruity, spicy, woody leather and white amber, this scent create young and invigorating atmosphere. You're a fun-loving person who adores a good celebration and you just need a reason to get together with friends.

    C’s: Lotus Candle

    Your festive fragrance is Life is Beautiful and more specifically, our Serenity Collection Products! You’re always up for an adventure and feel happiest when outside, surrounded by nature as well as the idea of being in the cozy indoors and whipping up some of your famous baking treats is your idea of a perfect day during the festive season. The delectable fresh fragrance of orange and rhubarb are coupled with honeysuckle and jasmine, giving a delicious fruity floral blend. Base notes of vanilla, toffee and praline give a sticky sweet sensation is perfect for you to surround yourself with the outdoors, even when you can’t be outside.

    D’s: Luxury Glass Jar Candle


    Your festive fragrance is Pomegranate Noir! Your ideal plans are cozying up by the fireplace with a fuzzy blanket, a great book, and a warm beverage to taste on.

    You enjoy the simple things in life, so the Rich and opulent fragrance with top notes of fruity raspberry and ripe plum settled on a heart of spicy pink pepper, luscious pomegranate and earthy patchouli. The base notes are of luxurious frankincense and warming spiced woods is the ideal way to enhance your perfect night in.



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