“Which Blogger's Style you relate the most?" Festive Edition

by DJ Living Pvt Ltd. . on Oct 11, 2018

Festive Collaboration with Bloggers!

Personality can be reflected in many ways. Your home and the way you decorate say a lot about who you are as a person.

We always love watching how the lifestyle bloggers style their creative spaces. They provide us ideas about what and how we can mix and match, and create that perfect look. We enjoy the little peek into their world and often find ourselves wanting to go for shopping to further add to our creative space.

So for this festive season, The Fragrance People developed a festive interactive campaign, for which we collaborated with Lifestyle Bloggers to see how they have transformed their living space with our products to make their house, "Festive Ready.” 

Let’s take a step into their house and see how they have given a mini makeover through our fragrances. 

1Aditi Bhatia (Little Vintage Look)

Aditi likes to light candles while curling up in the bed with a book and spending her entire day like this. It has that newly decorated look and is neat and clean. There’s a plant on the side which create a calm and relaxing environment and pillow-lined up on the sofa. The colours are neutral and there’s nothing out of place. Aditi also finds that, the prettier her working corner is, the more inspired she become. And she says that candles are a guaranteed way to add that little dose of inspiration which also gives a major working desk goal.

2Mahak Sharma (Adding Life to a Boring Corner)

How beautifully Mahak is adding life to a dull corner of her house just by adding a Mercury Jar. This one is such a gem. Quick and easy to make, with an elegant result. According to her, the exteriors of the house are decorated with fairy lights. It’s time to bring them inside as well for an astonishingly creative festive decoration. Fairy lights are the savior that can be used for an amazing glowing effect.

 3Sakhi Kapur (Fall Magic)

Fall is in the air! Sakhi finds her home to be the perfect place to embrace fall. As the weather continues to get cooler, she feels inspired to bring the comfort of autumn to her home. To complement her autumn inspired decoration she chooses to use potpourri balls and a scented candle to capture the essence of the season. Meanwhile she is also pampering herself with our Arveda Handmade Soap.


A bit of shine in the center of the table is always a great idea! Shatakshi believes that coffee tables should be equal parts functional and stylish. Having a beautifully decorated coffee table comes into play when you’re relaxing after a long day, entertaining friends or simply reading your favorite book.

5. Shreya & Artika (Sparkle with all your heart)


Shreya and Artika find that the festive season is the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of sparkle and glitter in their décor. To refresh their interior atmosphere and rebuilding their focal point of their room they decided to give a drop of glamour through some sparkling elements and using scented candles. So one thing that is essential to ensure the lighting choices to suit the festive spirit. 

Enjoy the blissful festive days with our products and their magical aromas, after all, no home decor is complete without the fragrance. 

And tell us which one is the best and you relate the most.

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  • rishika
    Oct 11, 2018 at 15:38

    love the mercury jar! It’s beautiful


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