Why scented candles are good for you!

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A scented candle is much more than a source of light!

Visualise your ideal calming night in your home. Does it involve your favourite meal? Or a warm bath? watching your favourite show? A glass of wine? But is it complete without lighting a candle and setting the mood?


4 Reasons why scented candles are good for you!

1. Sets the mood and creates ambiance, it completely changes the way we feel in the space.

2. It helps to increase focus. Certain fragrances can be a stimulant for your mind and can actually increase your focus and help you become more productive.

3. It also helps to boost mood. Scented candles can induce calm and positive mood.

4. Helps with a restful sleep. Candles are incredibly beneficial for maintaining natural sleep rhythms. It can help you feel calmer. 

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